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The Thompsons

Season: 5
Episode: 2
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Paul Wilson : for a man who doesn't do any yard work he has a lot of rakes.
Paul Wilson : T-shirt with 'witness protection program' on it why not just wear a shirt that says shoot me.
Paul Wilson : when I say hello mr Thomson and beat you to a bloody pulp with the inanimate carbon rod you say hi.
Jeb Bush : one of my favourites
GovanRear : The Witness Relocation Program shirt went over my head as a kid

Thompson Twins - Hold Me Now

Thompson Twins' official music video for 'Hold Me Now'. Click to listen to Thompson Twins on Spotify:
As featured on Into the Gap. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes:

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I have a picture pinned to my wall
An image of you and of me and we're laughing, we're loving it all
Look at our life now, we're tattered and torn
We fuss and we fight and delight in the tears and we cry until dawn

Hold me now, warm my heart
Stay with me, let loving start, let loving start
Hold me now, warm my heart
Stay with me, let loving start, let loving start

Music video by Thompson Twins performing Hold Me Now. © 1983 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (UK) Limited
Maxell deNomie : Stuff still holds true
J Will : Did you follow me from Echo and the Bunnymen? Joy Division is the next stop.
Reggie Hunt : Give me 80's music a a blunt and enjoy the good sound ♥️
shellsbignumber2 : Im really proud this song comes from 1983.
arseentclassy : LUV THIS, THE BASS

Thompson 1927 A1 SBR

Shooting John's 1927 A1 SBR, in .45 ACP, of course!
One of our earlier videos with a "REAL" Thompson submachinegun:
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Juan C. Salinas : What a pretty gun
Pat Watson : I'd like to see them build a tommy gun In 10mm
Macam2macam : your shooting is impressive sir.
Chez MacLe : that is some aim goddang!!!
Ut1F70F Sin : Semi-auto? Really? What's the point?

That thing is heavy enough with a drum, but to slowly drain it, is a test of patience too.

Automatic weapons need to be more abundant, easier to get, and cheaper price tag.




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